About Us

Who We Are

Standard Power of America was incorporated in the State of New Hampshire on April 9th, 2010.

Mission Statement

Standard Power of America will become a premier energy consulting firm in the United States and keep this position by acting as an advocate for its clients. SPA ensures its customers’ energy requirements are addressed in a comprehensive manner, and will maximize the value of its clients’ energy investments and expenditures.


Standard Power of America recognizes that reputation is the preeminent value a vendor can possess. Establishing great customer relationships takes time. SPA will not maximize short term relationships at the expense of building long-term ones. Standard Power of America strives to set standards of excellence in the industry and only works with partners who share this philosophy.


Standard Power of America believes in taking a comprehensive picture of the energy needs of its customers in order to understand the unique requirements of every client. SPA utilizes its extensive market resources and industry relationships to provide clients with customized and efficient energy solutions. SPA’s consultative approach, management of client expectations and education of clients on the complete scope of available energy solutions protects and promotes the interests of its clients in today’s sophisticated energy marketplace. More often than not, a combination of energy solutions creates more cost-effective results.

Client-First Philosophy

The corporate philosophy of Standard Power of America is client-first (the client’s needs take precedent). SPA invests the time to advocate customized and efficient energy solutions and then provide comprehensive account management and customer support.

  • Advocate for Client Interests
  • Consultative Approach
  • Dedicated Account Management

Core Competencies

Standard Power of America is a consultation firm serving business clients to facilitate a broad spectrum of energy supply, optimization, and construction needs.