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Apple, Walmart highlight big-name corporations’ move to renewables

  The next time you download a song from iTunes, you can rest assured that renewable energy is 100 percent behind it. 

Spike in natural gas prices jolts competitive electricity market

 The recent spike in natural gas prices has caught energy suppliers off guard -- particularly those that are independent and buy supplies on the spot market -- and was a contributing, if not the primary, factor that forced Resident Power to shed its 8,700 New Hampshire customers, according to sources in the industry.

New England Power Market Weaknesses Exposed

 March 1, 2013 Thus far, the winter of 2012-2013 has provided a wake-up call to many involved in the energy business across the Northeast US.  From generators to suppliers to end-users, many have been caught off guard by a dramatic rise in prices.  At a time when the benefits of cheap and plentiful natural gas are being widely touted, New England simply can’t get enough supply to help in the winter months. 

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