Frequently Asked Questions

Electricity has become deregulated in many states across the country over the past decade. Deregulation divides the electricity market into 3 distinct parts: Generation, Supply, and Delivery. Competition in the Supply phase of the market can be a great benefit to the end user. Your local utility now only has a monopoly on the delivery.

Your local utility still has the same responsibility to service all accounts. They own the lines, the poles, and the meters. You are paying the delivery fees for this very reason.

We do offer certified products through our Renewable Energy Credit programs. They cost a bit more than our standard options, but are still quite competitive.

Your local power company will still read the meter. Our suppliers acquire the usage information from these exact readings.

No, the demand charges remain a responsibility of the utility.

Standard Power does not currently work with residential accounts.

You will still receive an invoice from your local utility. This bill will include the same delivery charges, fees, and taxes. The supply portion of your bill can be invoiced several different ways.

Standard Power and other brokers are integral pieces of a supplier’s sales program. Pricing is structured in such a way that the customer pays essentially the same price either way.

In a vast majority of cases, no change is required at all in the customer’s system.