Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Standard Power of America offers a broad range of services tailored to the needs of a variety of stakeholders.


Formation Conductivity Testing and Analysis, Design Support

Our partner performs thermal response testing and analysis to evaluate ground conditions and determine site-specific values for deep earth temperature, formation conductivity and diffusivity. The unit has a capacity of 9000 watts in four stages and can test any closed loop exchanger up to 600 feet deep. An integrated data logger records temperatures, flow rate and power consumption.


Transient Simulation

In addition to the conventional 48 hour ASHRAE load test, the unit can also be programmed to perform transient tests to mimic the duty cycle of a ground source heat pump. The simulation is able to measure and document the latency of recovery between cycles. Specifically, it determines if the proposed design can recover quickly or suffers from heat stress.


Installation Support

The ground heat exchangers are the circulation system of any geothermal installation. If the circulation fails, so does the entire system. A heat pump cannot function without proper circulation. Our partner takes great care to support the network of trained HPGX installers. Every HPGX installation is tested to insure its integrity before connecting to any lateral.


Inspection and Oversight Services

Our partner has more than 25 years drilling experience works with the driller to correct deficiencies before they become a problem.


System Monitoring

Standard Power of America and our partner stays with the client after the system is installed. The system is designed to provide years of carbon reduction and cost savings. Utilizing sensors and data transmitters, performance is monitored over the long haul to make sure the client’s system functions as expected. Real time data feeds as well as periodic performance reports are provided so that the client can monitor their Environmental Return on Investment (EnROI).