Most electricity users don’t take advantage of all options available to them and overpay an average of 15%. Our team utilizes the advantages of deregulation, distributed generation, and market forces to maximize cost-savings and minimize risk.

Why Standard Power?

Industry Expertise

Standard Power has the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the options that are uniquely suited for their specific needs.

Hydro Electricity

Standard Power’s unique hydroelectric supply options allow our clients to beat the market while also taking advantage of locally sourced sustainable energy resources.

Market Fluctuations

The energy commodity markets are dynamic and volatile. Standard Power knows how to take advantage of low markets and avoid price spikes.

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How Much Could I Save?

Figure out exactly how much you could save.

Why Use a Consultant?

Since energy is a commodity, prices change daily. We help you navigate suppliers and market fluctuations.

The Hydroelectric Advantage

Hydroelectric power is a competitively priced option that supports local economies while impacting the environment far less than conventional fossil fuel generation sources.

Learn about Our Process

Our unique process has saved our clients thousands over the years and we are always improving the way we do business.

Our Results

Standard Power has been a trusted broker and consultant on energy acquisition, on site generation and energy use reduction for the last five years. When there is an energy issue, we call them first.
Chris Thompson, General Manager
Design Contemporaries Inc
Standard Power has helped the School District lower and control its utility costs. They are very knowledgeable and professional in their approach to helping the school district. I would not hesitate in recommending Standard Power to another district or business to help with their utility needs.
William Cooper, Facilities Director
SAU #40 (Milford School District)
Standard Power will save our business $50K or about 15% this year. We are a very satisfied customer of over 5 years. Thank you for all your hard work.
Jeff Brown, Chief Financial Officer
Index Packaging Inc.
Working with Standard Power has been a great experience for us. Ryan helped us evaluate several energy supply options and ultimately helped us switch our energy supply to renewable hydro power which saved us money and helped us to reduce our carbon footprint. Their strong understanding of the electric supply market and what is driving future pricing helped us switch to a lower cost provider saving our company thousands of dollars.
Peter George, Chief Financial Officer
Abenaqui Carriers
Standard Power has been Tuscan Brands’ energy adviser since 2012. They have helped provide the company budget certainty in volatile markets and provide Tuscan with the most advantageous contracts available.
Timothy Bean, Chief Financial Officer
Tuscan Brands
A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing has worked with Matt Rounds and the team at Standard Power over the last several years entering into contracts for both electricity and natural gas supply. We appreciate having someone working for us who is so knowledgeable about energy supply. Standard Power is like an unpaid member of our team, on top of the markets and guiding us to the best choices. We greatly value our relationship with Standard Power.
Al Letizio, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing
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