New Boston Community Power is our town’s electricity supply program. The Program aims to help our community members manage electricity costs and increase renewable energy use. New Boston voters approved the New Boston Community Power Plan in March 2023.

Watch for a Notification Letter – The Town will send a letter to all electricity customers in New Boston 6-8 weeks before the program launches with detailed information about the program, including rates and terms and instructions for opting out of the program, opting in, or changing products within the program. The Program will never ask for personal or customer payment information. A draft sample letter for customers eligible for automatic enrollment (currently on utility default supply) may be found here, and a draft sample letter for other customers that may choose to opt-in can be found here.

Electricity Options

In order to gain the greatest degree of leverage with qualified suppliers, the Towns of New Boston, Milford, and Jaffrey joined together to collectively bid for an electricity supplier. All municipalities are working with the experienced consulting team, Standard Power.

How it Works

New Boston Community Power is a municipal electricity aggregation operated by the Town of New Boston, and authorized by NH RSA 53-E

There are two parts to your Eversource electricity bill, Supply and Delivery. 

Supply Services

Your town selects an electricity supplier that sources the electricity needed for our community

Delivery Services

Your utility delivers the electricity from your town supplier

Your Bill

No change in service quality. Only the price in “Supplier” section of your bill changes.

If you participate, your electrical bill will be impacted as follows:

  • The Supplier portion of the bill will change to reflect your participation in the program.
  • Your Provider will continue to provide all Delivery Services, including responding to power outages, and will continue to send you your electricity bill.
  • Customers that receive a discount on their electricity bill through the Electric Assistance Program (EAP) will continue to receive their benefits. 
  • Budget billing customers will continue to receive budget billing for the Delivery Services portion of the bill.
  • Net metering: We cannot yet offer the net metering value we would like for all net metering customers. For residential customers that participate, those on Net Energy Metering 1.0 (or “Standard”) would continue to receive the same value for their generation as today; however, those on Net Energy Metering 2.0 (or “Alternative”) would receive less value for their generation than today. There are additional factors to
    consider, and we highly encourage each net metering customer to make their own decision. Please see our detailed Net Metering FAQ to help with your decision. If, after reading this document, you are still uncertain about the best decision for your household, please call our net metering support line.
  • You may leave the Program, or switch to a different program option, at any time, and without penalty.