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Support our Community

Standard Power engages with the local community whenever possible. As citizens of New Hampshire we try to buy local. We bank with a local community bank. We sponsor internships with the local universities and hire locally whenever possible. If using a local firm takes a little more time or money than a company out of Boston or New York, we go local.

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The energy market we operate in (ISO-NE) is largely comprised of fossil fuel generators. These generation sources are large drivers of climate change and non-sustainable consumption. Standard Power recognizes the current need for these baseload assets but works to find and develop sustainable and renewable generation assets that are economically competitive. Within our arenas or business and the energy industry, we strive to use our voices in an intentional and positive way.

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Legislative Engagement

Standard Power was an intervenor in NH Docket #16-576 Development of New Alternative Net Metering Tariffs. The company felt devoting the time, money, and political capital to protect local jobs and resources was worth the effort. The results of this engagement lead to legislation that promoted both continued investment in sustainable energy projects but also ensured those investments and usage would be local.

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Commitment to Excellence

Standard Power believes in a well-researched and well-informed understanding of science. As a rule, the better the understanding of the cross-section of energy markets, regulations, local weather trends, and available technological solutions, the better we can serve our clients.

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Work with Young Professionals

Standard Power believes in giving first shots. The company seeks up first-time job seekers and students looking for work experience in the energy industry. We believe taking a little extra time to educate and empower the next generation is our responsibility. Conversely, the flow of innovation and out-of-the-box ideas these young minds bring to Standard Power has resulted in unexpected levels of innovation.

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Commitment to Local Towns & Schools

All of Standard Power’s employees are residents of New Hampshire. Our children go to the local schools and we pay property taxes to our home towns in New Hampshire. Standard Power strives to ensure towns and schools in New Hampshire always have the best possible options. We know a better deal for a school frees up funds for things that are important like more teachers or job placement programs.