Standard Power of America is an energy consulting firm specializing in electricity and natural gas supply, primarily operating in the State of New Hampshire. Additionally, Standard Power is a leading administrator and advocate of small hydroelectric power facilities within the state. We are currently hiring a pricing channel manager with strong communication skills, an attention to detail, and an independent work ethic.

The pricing channel manager at Standard Power is the primary point of contact between our internal sales team and our external portfolio of suppliers. This requires managing day-to-day interactions through frequent personal communication. This also requires strong administrative support of the sales team, largely through our CRM platform software and internal summaries of pricing opportunities.

The pricing channel manager is required to build a strong background knowledge of competitive commercial & industrial power supply procurement. This includes fluency in utility rates, utility tariffs, legislative and regulatory updates, and other relevant local/ regional information.

The pricing channel manager at Standard Power will be offered extensive training on best business practices and will be fully integrated into the team. This position is expected to grow into an increasingly independent role, eventually becoming a self-sufficient operator.

At Standard Power, we believe in collective contributions and a collective buy-in to our philosophies and ideas.  Every team member is encouraged to speak their mind and contribute to the future strategies of the company.  We also encourage cross-training across the various tasks of the enterprise to develop stronger business skills and holistic industry knowledge. We foster a small business feel, with strong support from management and a self-scheduled work flow.


  • Completion of bachelor’s degree or equivalent education, ideally in business administration or related field
  • Comfortable speaking professionally
  • Strong writing skills appropriate for a fast-paced environment
  • Strong internet skills, which would ideally include database/directory research, spreadsheets software, and word processing software
  • Persistence, a competitive spirit, and ability to learn from mistakes

If you are interested in applying, please email marketing@standardpower.com with a resume. Thank you!