Standard Power of America is a leading energy consultant and broker, based out of Nashua, New Hampshire. We have a mission to make energy more responsible and reliable for all our clients. 

Standard Power, founded in 2010, is an energy consultant and broker with a heavy focus on renewability. Additionally, Standard Power is a leading administrator and advocate of small hydroelectric power facilities within the state. We are currently offering paid internships for the Summer of 2022.   Interns should possess strong communication skills, an attention to detail, and an independent work ethic.

Job Description

Energy Consultant Intern

Energy Consultant interns at Standard Power will explore numerous avenues within the energy industry, while also providing daily assistance to multiple company departments.  Standard Power’s goal is to provide interns with a well-rounded experience that provides experience in sales, marketing, legislative, operations, pricing and data entry.  Standard Power also encourages each intern to choose a specific topic of interest within the energy world to research and learn more about.  

An intern at Standard Power will be trained in the arts of prospecting for clients, closing deals, managing customer accounts, and best business practices. In addition, interns will be trained to become fluent in the dynamics of competitive energy supply. This includes areas such as futures markets of electricity and natural gas, state and national regulatory rules, onsite generation technologies such as solar and co-gen/tri-gen engines, and other related areas. Interns are expected to grow into an increasingly independent role eventually becoming self-sufficient.

At Standard Power, our goal is to encourage our interns to explore all aspects of the energy world to truly find their passion.  While that passion could take interns away from Standard Power, helping develop goals for after college is extremely important.  


  • Comfortable speaking professionally
  • Strong writing skills appropriate for a fast-paced environment
  • Strong internet skills, which would ideally include database/directory research, spreadsheets software, and word processing software
  • Flexible and comfortable with multi-tasking and diverse account management
  • Able to appropriately prepare for both internal and external meetings, deadlines, and unexpected responsibilities
  • Persistence, a competitive spirit, and the ability to learn from mistakes
  • If you are interested in applying, please email with a resume. Thank you!